Jan. 21st, 2017

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The fic I am currently writing (a Cotton Candy Bingo fill/prompt ficlet for [tumblr.com profile] madamehardy) has been intensely frustrating -- not because the words won't come, but because I have spent several days flailing around trying to find where the story needs to start. See, every time I pick the wrong place, it unravels into interminable internal monologues, when it really needs to be about friendship and human connection. (...And running off to be hermits on neighboring mountains, but still; friendship!)

I finally got the main scene to start working when I unearthed a pesterlog from after an acre of internal monologue and copypasted it to be a sort of mini-prologue instead, but today I realized I still had about a zillion paragraphs of stuff that needed to get on the page but currently had no plausible way there except via more acres of internal monologue (not to mention the ending was going to feel weird and unbalanced unless it went back to pesterlogs, which... would be structurally kind of missing the point?) so I have had to back up yet again and tack on an opening scene with my POV character talking to some others in person and thereby show (rather than tell) some of the stuff that kept creeping into the interminable monologues.


I hate writing. I hate it passionately.

(Don't listen to me; I love it to pieces.)
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I couldn't make it to any of today's marches, alas, but my mom, my sister, and one of my aunts all participated in the Washington march. Some of my church youth group kids were also down in DC doing their part; Ithaca sent multiple busloads of people south this weekend.

Meanwhile Ithaca's own march attracted somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 people (estimates vary), which was about four times the expected attendance, and very nearly a third of the city's total population -- which is doubly impressive considering how many people had gone away to DC. (I mean, we doubtless got people coming in from neighboring regions, but still.) I saw dozens already gathering on the Commons as I caught my bus this morning, and I wished I could have stayed instead of going to work.


ETA: I asked my relatives how the Washington march went, and Mom replied:

Huge. Heard nothing. March itself cancelled because route already full. People walked West anyhow when program- -which ran an hour late -- ended. We shuffled down mall and up 7th for several blocks but left for home. Restaurants in Vicky's area were swamped. Glad to be there. Jan made it. Impossible to meet up with folks. Very tired.


ETA 2: And this is what my aunt said:

Thanks for your report; sorry you couldn’t have joined in.

I came from home, got to the Smithsonian metro exit about 1:00. There were empty seats on the train but many people still buying tickets.) It was mobbed. People were marching down the inner street of the mall, parallel to Independence Ave. One person said the leaders told them to go to 14th and wait for the main march. I was able to wander freely because the whole mall between the streets was available. I walked to 14th and it was a standstill. I heard a drum band coming with the main march and it took them forever to make progress as it turned onto and continued on 14th to Constitution Ave where the march turned left toward the Ellipse. There were also Many people walking down the other inner street and Constitution toward 14th.

I saw no checkpoints to get in. There was a variety of law enforcement visible and helpful with information. I saw one what looked like a small tank on Constitution Ave. There was a Lot of pink and a Lot of hand held signs - sticks were not allowed. Only clear back packs were allowed. Saw many of those and clear gallon zip locks. I filled my pockets with the essentials and carried water in a shoulder holder. Some port a potties were locked but I found line with 15-20 people for 3 potties. I think some Pps were left from the day before and not rented by the march -- or were full?! I took pics of a few individuals with interesting garb. Saw disposable white jump suits that people autographed, an older lady with post-it all over and carried a megaphone, 3 with crocheted full length suits even over their faces - in pink flavored yarn. A fair number of kids of all ages and a lot of men.

The media trucks put up chain-link fences around them and their generators. Had telescoping cameras and Internet towers. There were a couple of places where I could not get a signal but communicated with Lessie OK. Instead of the hand wave one sees at ball games, there were cheering waves. Also small groups chanting. The weather was 50 something, cloudy, and damp.

As I left to find a Metro station I noticed that the perimeter of the march was well guarded with streets blocked with police cars or big trucks. There were long lines to enter the stations. Security people held marchers back so the platforms weren’t over crowed. I walked east, away from the mall, to find a blue train. Yea, I did at Capitol East and got a window seat. Train became packed and skipped two stops. The driver was very good with announcements to us and those on the platforms. She was upbeat and praised our cooperation. It took me and hour and 15 minutes to get to my stop – the end of the line.


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