Jan. 26th, 2017

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Today I worked at the valley office of Not the IRS. I am still officially on their list of potential staff, thanks to the receptionist work I did there in pre-season, and I agreed to cover a sudden gap when one tax preparer had to take a day off and none of the regular staff were available to fill in. cut for a pretense at confidentiality, though obviously I am not using identifying details! )

It's a little weird getting dropped right back into the deep end after eight months of not doing tax work, but I did take a bunch of continuing education and do a few case studies while otherwise sitting around killing time at the plaza office last week, and the other details come back pretty quickly. I was much less twitchy than last year, since I know that I have successfully managed all this before, plus I now know (at least in theory) how to do Schedule C and Schedule E. (Well, simple to moderately complicated versions. There are some Schedule Cs and Es I have seen coworkers deal with that I wouldn't touch with a hundred-foot pole.)

Tomorrow I am back at the plaza office, where I believe I currently have two scheduled appointments -- very exciting! We shall see if the clients actually show up. *wry*

I also accidentally left a sheaf of my business cards at a coworker's desk, but she works at both the valley and plaza offices so I will just ask her to bring them up and stash them in my cubbyhole sometime.


edenfalling: stylized black-and-white line art of a sunset over water (Default)
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