Jan. 30th, 2017

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six narcissus and two peppers in terracotta pots on a table; a spider plant hangs in the background . one pepper plant in a terracotta pot on a table
1) six narcissus, two peppers (and a spider plant), Monday, 30 January 2017
2) the Lazarus pepper, chilling out

spider plant in water
3) Babylon the spider plant, growing new roots

This is going to be my last plant post for a while, since the narcissus have reached the stage where they're just going to look increasingly decrepit (a sad inevitability with flowers) and the Lazarus pepper is not doing anything of note.

When I get and plant a new batch of seeds, I will of course photograph that. :)

Meanwhile, my only active plant project is my slow repotting of my older spider plants. The third picture above is Babylon (one of my big hanging plants) growing new roots for its various components in a giant pool of water. That is going a lot faster than I expected, and I should be ready to return Babylon to actual soil by mid-February.

So, you know, life goes on.

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Problem: the ficlet I am trying to write is like pulling teeth, and I cannot get the transition from intro to actual plot stuff to work.

Potential solution: toss out the entire thousand words I've already written, jump right to throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into the idyllic afternoon, and watch things play out from there. If any of the scene-setting was really important, I can work it into some dialogue later on.


I am not up to making such drastic revisions tonight, but I think I will get on that tomorrow.


In completely unrelated news, I am thinking of attending a free concert at my church tomorrow night. Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost will be performing at 7pm at First Unitarian. I'd miss the first fifteen minutes or so, because of closing the rental office and walking down the hill, but I really want to get out and DO THINGS this year (after spending the past couple years mostly treading water (thanks, depression!)) and this seems like it would be both affirming and challenging in useful ways.

Plus, you know, good music. :)


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