Feb. 26th, 2017

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1. Had dinner and drinks (aka, one margarita) Friday evening at Viva! with some of the old smoke shop crew: Boss Lady, Melodrama, Sweetheart, Miss Congeniality, ET, and AD. (I don't remember if I ever gave them nicknames? They may have left for other jobs before I switched from initials to nicknames. Anyway, I'd probably call them... hmm... the Engineer and the Journalist.) It was really good to see everyone again and catch up on life events and whatnot. :)

2. Went to bed at 8:30pm on Saturday and did not get up until 9:00am on Sunday. O_o Apparently I needed the sleep.

3. LAUNDRY. This was more important than in many weeks, since my laundry schedule got slightly disrupted by my parents' visit two weeks ago, and also my constant work schedule means I can't really wear my jeans and am thus down a set of pants in my normal rotation. So I ended up having to dress up in a skirt, pantyhose, etc. today since I didn't have anything in between super-fancy and casual grunge. *sigh* (I mean, my definition of super-fancy is probably most other people's definition of fairly casual lunch date, but still.)

4. Changed linens.

5. Recharged my bus pass.

6. Took kitchen compost to the backyard bin.

7. Took recycling to the curb for pickup.

8. Continued plonking away at the Enchanted Forest Chronicles ficlet, which is now at ~2,850 words. I still have to fold in the explanation of what the unexpected ambassadors are there to discuss, and then segue into the ending action. Also I think I lost track of one of my speaking characters as I've been reworking old material into the new, more friendly/cheerful version of the fic. Something to go back and check on once I push through to the end.

I am kind of annoyed at myself for taking so long to write a story that is, objectively speaking, pretty short. Some of it is related to my perpetual tiredness, of course, and some to the series of wrong turns I kept taking, but my writing is also more affected by my mood than I sometimes like to admit, and I haven't really been in a fluffy mood these past few months.


I might write a horrendously dark mini-ficlet or two as a mental palate-cleanser once I finish this fic, since my other scheduled projects are also on the lighter end of the tone scale and I'm afraid I'll run into similar problems with them if I don't have somewhere to just break stuff on the side. *wry*

And now, I think, to bed. :)


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