Mar. 5th, 2017

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I need to finish editing "Second Chances" but I am really not in an editing mood tonight (it is a very specific mood, even more so than writing), so blargh.

I am starting to think I may have to try getting up an hour earlier in the mornings and going to bed at, like, 10pm, because I am generally awake enough to focus in the morning but I have no time, whereas when I get home from work I have a few hours to spend on whatever, but am too worn out/spoonless to do much besides vegetate for most of that time.

(I write at work sometimes, but it's hard to properly sink into a creative mindset when I might get interrupted by the telephone or clients/tenants at any moment, not to mention I have an intense squick about people reading over my shoulders when I'm doing creative stuff on a computer. Also I don't have access to the majority of my files, which is a problem. (And no, don't say Google docs. At the rental office I can't access my own Google account because I have to stay logged into the office's own supplemental Gmail account, and at Not the IRS I can't access Gdocs because it's on their blocked site list. (Which includes LJ and Tumblr, but not DW or AO3, and I hope they never cut off those particular escape valves.)))

...Actually, on that note, I should go to bed. *wry*

(How on earth am I slowly ending up with a morning person's life schedule? I mean, I can do that if I need to -- and it really looks like I might need to -- because I am fortunate enough to have relatively malleable circadian rhythms, but left to my own devices I am a night owl and I resent the way the world seems to be conspiring against my preferences.)


edenfalling: stylized black-and-white line art of a sunset over water (Default)
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