Mar. 13th, 2017

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Pepper update! (Also a sqaush update, I guess? Since growing squash is now a thing I am definitely attempting. Possibly I should just call these posts 'garden project' updates.)

eighteen small peat cylinders in a black plastic container, each with a pepper sprout or pepper stem

All eighteen pepper sprouts have unbent and are either unfurling or have unfurled their cotyledons. I think I will now stop covering them, since once they're at this stage the humidity isn't that great for them and also they need room to stretch. :)

a small green pepper plant in a terracotta pot, with one fading white blossom

Meanwhile, the Lazarus pepper's flower is starting to wilt a little, but while the plant has lost a couple of its lower leaves, the flower stem still looks pretty healthy and not like it's going to just up and drop off at any moment. So... maybe fruit? (I am trying not to get my hopes up. The odds are still against miracles.)

packet of yellow summer squash seeds . twelve small plastic cups filled with damp soil

And over in the gourd family, I am starting a brand-new summer squash adventure. Let me tell you: there are A LOT OF SEEDS in a squash seed packet. This tends to make me suspicious of their sprouting rate. But you know, squash are one of those plants where it is very easy to get overrun, so I will not be heartbroken if, say, only six of the ones I planted actually sprout. (Plus I can always try again with a second round. Squash apparently have a shorter growing season than peppers, so I have some more leeway to play around with.)

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