Mar. 22nd, 2017

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[ profile] wipbigbang will open for signups on Friday the 24th. Here is this year's schedule and FAQ post.

I want to participate again, since last year the pressure of a deadline and an artist kicked me into finishing "The Courting Dance" despite various and sundry obstacles, and this year I am feeling much less flattened by life -- well, let me rephrase that. Much less flattened by depression. I am currently feeling a bit flattened by my work schedule, and will continue to feel that way until sometime after April 22nd. (I would say until after tax day, but I agreed to cover some extra shifts at the rental office that week, so. Still going to be an ~50 hour week. *sigh*)

I have my FandomTrumpsHate fic to work on, but I think once I reconnect with the mythical thing known as 'free time' that should go fairly quickly. (I want to start working on it NOW, but I know if I do that I will never finish the edits to "Second Chances" and dammit, I want to get those done.) I also want to use this year to finish off a bunch of projects that have been hanging over me for a while, so. Definitely going to sign up for something.

I just need to decide which fic to tackle.

At the moment, I'm leaning toward "Five Things That Never Happened to Rex and Ana Lewis" (GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, shut up, I know), "Intervention" (Star Trek: AOS, featuring a cast of entirely original characters), "Ephemera" (Angel Sanctuary, following Belial's pre-canon journey from heaven to hell), or maybe "Strange Likenesses" (Harry Potter, wherein Voldemort tries to possess Harry pre-Hogwarts and it does not end well for anybody). You may note that this list does not include some things I put in my 'tell Liz what to write' poll from last year, and does include two fics I left off that poll. The projects that sound most interesting to me do tend to change over time. *wry*

I think I'll take another look at my various languishing WIPs and see if there's anything else that sounds both interesting and doable within the Big Bang's timeframe, and throw up a poll within the next few days.
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twelve small plastic cups filled with dirt, eleven with squash sprouts
5. Wednesday, 22 March 2017, ~10:45pm

I spoke too soon on Monday about the squash not being visually interesting yet. Sometime that afternoon or evening, they began to sprout, and they have been growing like gangbusters ever since. (Except for one that's lagging and one that may just be a dud -- the bottom right and bottom left cups, respectively.)

...Also, I may have made a terrible mistake with this batch of seeds.

See, apparently you can't plant summer squash outside until the last risk of frost has passed (around here that would probably be late April/early May), and you also shouldn't transplant them more than once because they have delicate roots, AND they should be in seedling containers at least twice the size of the cups I used. *headdesk*

Well, maybe they'll manage to survive in too-small containers for a month; or I'll buy some cheap buckets, transplant them indoors, and turn this batch into patio plants rather than yard plants; or I'll just pinch this lot off and try again in another month. *shrug* If I do end up having to start over, at least I can be pretty sure the next batch will also sprout successfully.

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