Apr. 17th, 2017

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I did not make a gardening post last week, but eh, whatever, moving on.

white flower on a small green pepper plant

The Lazarus pepper is blooming again. As before, I do not expect anything to come of this, but let us all enjoy the pretty flower while it lasts. :) (The other two buds have both shriveled at this point.)

eighteen pepper seedlings, growing in peat cylinders in a black plastic container

The pepper seedlings continue to do well, and I think they will be ready to transplant in another two or three weeks.

five squash photos under the cut )

On Sunday night, I punched holes in the four plastic storage tubs I bought a couple weeks ago, and I transplanted the four squash seedlings that seemed to be flourishing the most. (Three of the original eleven sprouts had shriveled and died by that point, and two others had each lost one of their cotyledons, which was a little sad but also helpful in reducing my transplant choices to a more manageable spread.) I tried to be as gentle as possible with their roots, but only time will tell how well I managed.

(FYI, the transplanted seedlings are hereby named Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Mo, because it amuses me and because I can do that if I want to. ;D )

Next weekend I might try to buy a trowel (possibly also a hoe or a garden rake?) and plant the other seedlings in the yard, assuming they're still alive by then. I mean, I am going to buy at least a trowel anyway, since I need that to plant my narcissus bulbs, but anything beyond that is kind of dependent on circumstance. *wry*

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