May. 1st, 2017

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one squash seedling planted in a clear plastic storage tub . three clear plastic storage tubs full of potting soil

1. Meeny, thriving
2. Bare dirt where Meeny's baby siblings will eventually sprout

So, all the squash except for Meeny died. Woe! But Meeny is doing just fine, and I have planted six more seeds in the big storage containers (two per container) which will remove any need to transplant this next batch. I will thin them as necessary.

eighteen pepper seedlings, growing in peat cylinders in a black plastic container . squash seedling, pepper seedlings, and pepper plant on a wooden porch

3. The eighteen baby peppers
4. All my plants enjoying an afternoon outdoors, Monday, 1 May 2017

The pepper seedlings are also doing just fine, and are enjoying their occasional day trips to my back porch. They're still not really big enough to transplant, but I think they will be ready around May 13th or so.

small green pepper plant

5. The Lazarus pepper

And the Lazarus pepper is growing both new buds and new leaves (even as it has lost a few old leaves from lower down on its stem), so I think it may actually achieve the dream of both flowers and fruit this summer. :D I just need to remember to fertilize it sometime this week.

Hmm, and I should probably start collecting eggshells again, to mix into the soil when I transplant the seedlings. Eggshells are good for plants in general -- they are a fast and easy source of calcium -- and particularly good for peppers and tomatoes.

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