Jan. 1st, 2017

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Today is Yuletide reveal day! Here is the story I wrote this year:

The Morn Is Hallowday: Halfway through the walk from Forbes to Ericson, Molly realized that if Tina hadn't returned already from her folk dancing, she certainly would very soon, and in either case Janet's absence would require some explanation. (2,450 words, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] nnozomi)


This is not the fandom nnozomi and I matched on. That was Diana Wynne Jones's Dalemark Quartet... but the thing is, the prompt was centered around Navis Hadson, in whom I have approximately zero fannish interest. I like him, but I am perfectly satisfied with his role in canon and feel no need to explore him further. (His kids, maybe, but not him.) And it happened that nnozomi had also requested two fandoms I know but hadn't signed up for (because I figured the chances of getting stuck with something I flatly couldn't write were too high, and also there comes a point of diminishing returns in bucket offers), and the prompts for those fandoms fell squarely into my personal wheelhouse.

So I wrote one of them instead. :)

I first read Pamela Dean's Tam Lin when I was fifteen or sixteen, and just starting to think about college as a thing that would probably happen in my future. In the event, the book bears almost no resemblance to my own college experiences, but I treasure it as something that told me, "Yes, becoming an adult is messy and hard and tiring, but there are also joys, and if Janet Carter can do it, so can you." It was one of my touchstones that growing up didn't have to mean giving up all the things I loved. There were, of course, other stories featuring adult characters with rich inner lives and interest in books, but this one went into the most detail about the process of getting there from here.

(It was also a book I enjoyed much more on the second, third, and tenth readings, partly because I was no longer expecting it to go full secondary-world fantasy on me; the magic is subtle and mostly not the point.)

cut for length, and also spoilers (assuming a twenty-year-old book can still have spoilers) )

Random trivia: the section where Molly muses about mermaids really being lures for some kind of giant anglerfish was inspired by various Tumblr posts I've seen discussing similar theories, though it does not directly quote any of them. I actually wanted to do more with the deep sea analogy since Molly is studying to be a marine biologist, but when I tried to work in a more extended riff on that theme, it completely derailed the emotional logic of the fic -- and so, with regret, I killed that particular darling. *wry*

I had a bit of an adventure finding a beta on short notice, and I would like to thank both [personal profile] isis for hippo services and [archiveofourown.org profile] snickfic for exemplary editing services. :)


If I'd been more on top of things in November and the first half of December, I would have liked to also fill nnozomi's prompt about Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan's Sergyar support staff, but alas, time management has never been my forte. *wry*
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Today is Daredevil Secret Santa reveal day! Here is the story I wrote:

Second Chances: When Foggy meets an old acquaintance who's fallen on hard times, he naturally does his best to help. When this leads to romance, he couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, life is never that simple. Foggy/OMC, Foggy/Matt. (14,825 words, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] iraya)


So uh, this story is a little bit of a mess still, which is my own fault for not starting it until very close to the deadline. I was avoiding it because the prompt asked for a type of tropey romance plot that I am very bad at writing. Unfortunately for me, iraya's other prompts asked for romance involving a ship that makes no emotional sense to me -- here is where I say, Your Ship Is Not My Ship, And That's Okay! -- each with some attached tropes that are emphatically Not My Trope (And That's Okay!), which meant this one was my only real option.

further thoughts, to be read after you read the fic )

I still want to make a bunch more edits to this story, and may post a revised version sometime in January. Until then, though, this is far and away the longest story I wrote all year and I'm proud that it hangs together considering how far outside my strengths it is, and the ridiculous time crunch I got myself into.


Jan. 1st, 2017 06:56 pm
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Briefly dropping by to say: went to see Rogue One this afternoon with Susan, and enjoyed it very much!

And now, dinner. :)
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A Year in Writing: 2016

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And that is that for the year. Here's hoping 2017 will be better on many fronts.


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