Jan. 13th, 2017

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If I get one more three-sentence ficlet done, I will have written exactly thirty fills for this year's ficathon. (I use 'this year' loosely; I mean the ficathon that started in December 2016.) I really want this, just for nice round number reasons (I get weird about stuff like that sometimes), but I am kind of... really, really blank on inspiration for any of the remaining prompts.

Well, I have the ones I like best collected into a list, and presumably I will figure out something to do with one of them tomorrow, at which point I will post my last eight fills to both Dreamwidth and Tumblr, and then gradually get them up on AO3. And then I will be free to focus on other stuff again.

Yeah. I'll write something on Saturday and we'll go from there. :)
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1. Taped, sanded, and painted the remaining picture frame. I still have to do touch-ups on it, and I am quite sure Mom needs to take it to a frame shop for repairs (the wood on the back side of the frame is all chewed up where the hanging wire tore out, plus the frame itself is kind of loose and badly aligned with itself), but anyway, I am almost done with the project. :)

2. Changed linens.

3. Began repotting various spider plants, which is a project that will take a few months and also requires me to buy at least two new pots. I combined Stheno, Nefertiti, and Euryale into one pot (now named Medusa, for obvious reasons), and I snipped all the segments of Babylon free from their roots and dunked them in a big vat of water to grow new ones, which will take at least a month. Then I will repot those segments in their old (now cleaned) pot with new dirt, and in locations where they won't be trailing six inches over the edges at the ends of long, spiky brown snakes of old dead leaves and a roots. *sigh* Then I will do the same to Damocles, which will take at least another month -- probably more like six to eight weeks, in both cases.

I also want to put both Castor and HayJay into bigger pots (not combining them, just giving them some breathing room), but I don't yet have the pots, plus I think I will need another bag or two of soil to deal with all this repotting plus my eventual pepper project.

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16. Wrote six three-sentence ficlets (one is... really not three sentences anymore, whoops), which I will post as soon as I get one more finished.

And now to go knock off some things from today's to-do list. :)


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