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Master List of Elizabeth Culmer's Fanfiction: Minor Fandoms

Organization: This list is organized alphabetically by fandom. Within each fandom, it's arranged first by associated story cycles (if applicable) and then by writing date. Word counts and writing dates are approximations.

Content/Warning Policy: 1) I am not consistent about warnings! I use them when I remember, for a few relatively broad categories of potentially problematic content, but if something is off-page, non-explicit, or generally backgrounded, I probably won't think to note it in the metadata. 2) The things I try to warn for are explicit sex, rape, murder, torture, cannibalism, incest, depression/suicide, familial dysfunction, and occasionally also societal dysfunction (aka dystopia). Sometimes I just slap a general content warning on all my fic for a given fandom and don't label each individual fic. I also don't generally warn for violence, unless the violence in a fic is dramatically out-of-step with the violence in its source canon. 3) I don't use any content rating system unless I'm posting to a site or community that requires or encourages ratings, because I find movie-style ratings counter-intuitive when applied to written fiction, and not particularly useful for anything other than denoting the presence of explicit sex, which I already note in the metadata.

Quality Rating System: I've marked my favorite stories with asterisks, on a scale of 1 to 4. The more asterisks, the more I like the story. This doesn't necessarily mean that stories without asterisks are bad, just that I don't like them as much. Also, I am not claiming to be an arbiter of taste; you may love stories I dislike, and vice versa. I am just providing a heads-up about the ones that I think are best written and/or most interesting.

Notes: Minor fandoms are ones where I have not written anywhere even vaguely approaching as many words and stories as my four major fandoms, but I write in them not just to resolve one or two issues, or in response to ficathon assignments. (I would like to have a tidier definition, but we can't get everything we want, now can we?) So these stories are kind of a grab-bag mix.

Where To Read: As always, if an AO3 version exists, it is definitive. FF.net versions are definitive in the absence of an AO3 version. Journal versions are the equivalent of beta drafts, though the shorter and/or fragmentary works may never be posted anywhere else.

Contents: BtVS/A:tS, Daredevil (MCU), The Dark Is Rising, FF7: Mercverse AU, Inception, Star Trek: AOS.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: the Series

BtVS is about a California teenager named Buffy, who slays vampires; she is aided in this task by a group of misfit friends. A:tS is about Angel, a vampire with a soul who is trying to earn redemption for what he did before he got the soul; he dated Buffy for a while, then moved to Los Angeles and got his own show, where he and a group of misfit friends run a supernatural detective agency of sorts.

*More or Less the Same: WIP, 11,300 words so far, started March 2004. Anna Metzger's family moved to Sunnydale in the summer of 1999, just before her senior year of high school. Four months later she woke up undead. A look at the demon underground's reaction to the Initiative through the eyes of a very practical young vampire.

Anna was initially designed as a self-insert. She had other ideas, however, and insisted on becoming her own person -- we share a basic family background and a number of attitudes, but the details of our families and friends have drifted apart, her choices and rationalizations are not necessarily my choices or rationalizations, and her vocal tics aren't mine either. (Well, not exactly mine.) Still, this is an extremely self-indulgent story, so I've never felt hugely impelled to finish it. Death, violence, murder, violent imagery, implied sex, cursing, bloodlust, humans treated as prey, non-explicit gang warfare, past turning of family members, implied polyamory. (It's a story about soulless vampires. What did you expect, kittens and flowers?)

More or Less the Same: The Vampire and Her Family: 450 words, March 2004. Character study of the Metzger family. Not completely compliant with its parent story -- it's the sort of exploratory noodling I usually keep to outlines. [15-minute fic]

He Had a Little Cat...: 450 words, March 2004. Cordelia's neighbor attempts to exorcise his cat; she drags him to Angel Investigations for help. Fragment. (This is technically a crossover with the song The Cat Came Back, but I consider it more a conceptual borrowing than a true crossover.)

*Health Insurance: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 700 words, Oct. 2009. Xander deals with one minor practical detail of setting up shop in Cleveland. Now if he can only talk Buffy around to his idea... Prompt: Perhaps something lighthearted from Buffy? Xander being great? [Request!fic for [livejournal.com profile] yggidee]

Lazy Day: (AO3 version) 3,600 words, Nov. 2011. Faith and Buffy watch taped episodes of Firefly in Cleveland. Slice of life with introspection and meta.

*In the Absence of Sun (The Grief Inside Your Bones): 5,175 words, May 2014. Buffy goes to LA after Angel's private little war. Faith trails her like a dark mirror, chasing her own demons and debts. Neither expects to run into Wesley. Buffy/Faith/Wesley, explicit sex. Written for Remix Redux 11, based on In the Absence of Sun by [archiveofourown.org profile] templemarker.

Going Native: (AO3 version) 150 words, Oct. 2014. Giles gives up on keeping the Scoobies from eating and drinking in the library. [prompt!fic for [personal profile] rthstewart]

*Missed Connections: (AO3 version) 225 words, Feb. 2015. Sometimes Giles sees echoes of himself in Faith. Written for [personal profile] snickfic in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

no friend like a sister: (AO3 version) 300 words, Jan. 2016. In Cleveland, Buffy takes up coloring books as an escape; Dawn notices. Written for anonymous in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

*won't take this lying down: (AO3 version) 175 words, Dec. 2016. Faith is not subtle at flirting. Buffy/Faith. Written for [livejournal.com profile] celeste9 in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.


Daredevil (MCU)

A television outpost of the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer whose other senses are augmented to possibly supernatural degrees, who moonlights as a vigilante trying to clean up a Manhattan neighborhood that's gone dramatically downhill in the aftermath of the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers. Lots of morally gray characters with obsessive determination, plus amazingly brutal and realistic fight scenes.


Karen Page, Pigeon Photographer:

A 'series' whose connecting conceit is that Karen Page habitually takes cell phone photographs of dead pigeons. Don't bother asking; I don't understand it either.

*A Moral Decision in One Eighth of a Second: (AO3 version) 1,850 words, July 2015. Karen thinks her phone is lost or stolen. It turns out her bosses simply borrowed it... which may not actually be an improvement. [kinkmeme prompt!fic]

Testify to Time's Relentless Melt: 450 words, July 2015. The reason behind some of Karen's weirder photos from A Moral Decision in One Eighth of a Second. [request!fic for [archiveofourown.org profile] Freyalyn]

Zombie Pigeons; or, A Step Too Far: (AO3 version) 350 words, Dec. 2015. Karen knew it was going to be a long day when the second zombie pigeon lumbered around the corner. [prompt!fic for [tumblr.com profile] shinyrock6498]


Everything Else:

Give Place Unto Wrath: (AO3 version) 775 words, May 2015. It's not about vengeance, Matt tells himself. His anger isn't the point. The point is justice. [15-minute fic]

*The Going Rate: (AO3 version) 575 words, May 2015. "Penny for your thoughts?" Karen says from the doorway, a determined lightness in her voice that's both honest and false at the same time. Matt & Karen friendship. [15-minute fic]

Now and at the Hour of Our Death: (AO3 version) 850 words, June 2015. Before she died, Matt's grandmother used to look after him in the afternoons and evenings, while his dad worked a series of short-term jobs. She wasn't as strict about homework as Matt's dad, but she was strict in other ways. Contains some familial dysfunction, unhealthy expression of religion, and the off-screen death of a not-exactly-canon character. [15-minute fic]

Until the Day Breathes and the Shadows Flee: (AO3 version) 1,425 words, June 2015. Being with Matt is still a terrible idea, but Claire can find some compensations. Matt/Claire. Prompt: skin. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo. [kinkmeme prompt!fic]

*Those Who Favor Fire: (AO3 version) 700 words, July 2015. When Karen was six years old, she decided she was going to be a dragon when she grew up. She still remembers the bitter sense of betrayal when her mother told her dragons weren't real. [15-minute fic]

*Broken If Revealed: (AO3 version) 2,150 words, Oct. 2015. Karen discovers Foggy's catastrophe contingency plans, and a number of secrets come out in the process. [prompt!fic for [tumblr.com profile] shinyrock6498]

*images unseen: (AO3 version) 175 words, Dec. 2015. The midterm project for Matt's urban studies course involves making and presenting his mental map of St. Joseph's campus. Written for [livejournal.com profile] idhren24 in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

The Shattering of Stone: (AO3 version) 2,125 words, Dec. 2015. Matt opened a rift to the middle world to get relief from his own dark realm and the futility of arguing with Vanessa and Wilson over the injustices created by their settlement after the war. He expected a quiet morning alone. What he found was better. Implied past Matt/Vanessa/Fisk and future Matt/Foggy/Karen. [kinkmeme prompt!fic]

Of Ill Repute: (AO3 version) 400 words, Dec. 2015. Karen has a reputation again. [15-minute fic]

walk off the edge of my own life: (AO3 version) 275 words, Jan. 2016. A game of truth or dare turns unexpectedly philosophical. Written for anonymous in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

*absence makes: (AO3 version) 275 words, Nov. 2016. Karen and Matt experiment with blindfolds. Written for [livejournal.com profile] adamas in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.

madly, deeply: (AO3 version) 150 words, Nov. 2016. Foggy wonders why he tied his life to the two most obsessive people he knows. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.

*Second Chances: 14,825 words, Dec. 2016. When Foggy meets an old acquaintance who's fallen on hard times, he naturally does his best to help. When this leads to romance, he couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, life is never that simple. Foggy/OMC, Foggy/Matt. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] iraya in the 2016 Daredevil Secret Santa Gift Exchange.


The Dark Is Rising

A series of five books by Susan Cooper, set in 1970s Britain, that chronicle the great final conflict between the forces of the Light and the Dark, and how various British children become involved in that struggle. It is one of the great loves of my childhood.

*Loving Bonds: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 2,800 words, Dec 2009. There is a fierce long age between Arthur's reign and the final Rising. Any number of things could have broken a chain of descent and prevented the Light from having a Pendragon on their side. Why, then, did Blodwen Rowlands allow Bran Davies to remain in the 20th century? Contains discussion of premature birth and the death of a premature child, and a threat to a living child. (Written for [livejournal.com profile] rizny in Yuletide 2009.)

("Loving Bonds" was remixed by [archiveofourown.org profile] ishafel in Remix Redux 10 as Loving Bonds (The Dark Night of the Soul Remix): Sometimes all you have is faith, hope, and love. Sometimes faith and hope fail you, but love never does.)

A Simple Plan: (AO3 version) 1,200 words, Jan. 2010. The White Rider goes to Wales, accepts a ride from a stranger, and has a stilted conversation. History is changed by the smallest things.

As You Wish: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 1,125 words, Dec. 2011. Will was the one who kept them all together. Bran was the one who thought to ask why he bothered. Mild Will/Bran. Written for [livejournal.com profile] aishuu in Yuletide Madness 2011.

*home from a terrible dream: (AO3 version) 150 words, March 2013. The White Rider at the end. Prompt: the Dark, banished. Written for [personal profile] ailavyn_siniyash in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

once upon a myth: (AO3 version) 225 words, March 2013. Prompt: Owen Davies, 'i always knew who you really were'. Written for [personal profile] ailavyn_siniyash in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

but where do your ideas come from?: (AO3 version) 125 words, April 2013. Barney, painting. Prompt: any, on the edges of memory. Written for [personal profile] ailavyn_siniyash in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

last and least (and loved): (AO3 version) 225 words, April 2013. Alice Stanton and her youngest son. Prompt: the Stanton family, fear. Written for [personal profile] ailavyn_siniyash in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

*They Have To Take You In (A Sheepish Story): 1,700 words, June 2015. After the events of The Dark Is Rising, the Black Rider calls the White Rider for help. This is only amusing for one of them. Written for Remix Redux 12, based on Strategic Sheep Purposes by [archiveofourown.org profile] Gramarye.

I Have a Secret: (AO3 version) 200 words, Aug. 2015. Jane plans to study archaeology. She'll explain about the 'underwater' part some other day. [prompt!fic for [livejournal.com profile] rosaxx50]

Echoes of the Past: 2,275 words, Dec 2015. Bran and Will have settled happily into ordinary lives, until Jane calls with news of a brewing magical catastrophe on the Isle of Wight. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] harborshore in Yuletide 2015.


Final Fantasy 7: Mercverse AU

All my FF7 fic is set in the [livejournal.com profile] mercverse AU created by [insanejournal.com profile] icedark_elf. This is her summary of the 'verse:

The Mercverse is a FF7 AU world spawned by various pics people sent me or I found roaming the mass of sites I can't understand. They were full of shinies. Some of the pics are here. If you know of others, send them my way and I'll be more than willing to go "ooh, shiny" and probably write more fic.

The universe is completely open. The only canon is the following: Cloud is immortal, Sephiroth is a mage adept, Zack is more than human, and Vincent and Chaos are half-demon twin brothers. Other than that...have at thee. Want to bring in other fandoms, ignore everything else besides what I just said was canon, or anything else? Feel free to do so.

The participating authors later agreed on some other bits of canon -- Cloud is obsessed with tea; Zack was a street rat in Midgar before Cloud adopted him; Cloud is related to the Shinra royal family; Aeris and Tifa work in a nightclub; the world is an uneasy balance of fantasy and high-tech; neither demons nor Cetra are native to this world, and a couple thousand years ago they fought a massive war; Cloud is probably Jenova's grandson -- but those are less 'fixed,' so to speak. (Also, a lot of the backstory is my own invention, so I'm never sure how firmly it was adopted by other participants.)

*Yesterday and Tomorrow: (AO3 version) 1,600 words, May 2006. He passes it off and no one thinks to question him. Cloud, on death and time; slightly experimental in structure. Implied torture of family members.

*Two Guys and a Girl: (AO3 version) 22,000 words, July 2006-Jan. 2008. When Tifa Lockheart meets Zack and Cloud Strife outside Nibelheim, she's only expecting a minor break in the routine of a small mountain village. She gets much more than that. A story about friendship, secrets, growing up, and the birth of one girl's social conscience. Implied past torture and murder, societal dysfunction. ("Two Guys and a Girl" suffers from awkward pacing, mostly because I thought it was going to be a humorous one-shot and it went rather dark and philosophical on me instead, but I do like the basic premise... so much that I'm slowly cannibalizing it for an original young adult fantasy novel!)

Zack's Collection: (AO3 version) 550 words, Sept. 2006. Zack introduces Aeris to the pack. Cute and silly, implied polyamory.

*Glass and Shadows: (AO3 version) 1,500 words, Dec. 2006. Sometimes he thinks his soul is torn, and every time he dies another piece of his past bleeds away. Cloud, on memory and penance; a companion piece to Yesterday and Tomorrow. Torture of family members.

Pilgrim's Passage: (AO3 version) 900 words, Jan. 2007. A traveler meets a boy on the bridge to Nibelheim. Prompt: Um, how about something for Mercverse? 'Cause I seriously never get tired of those... Le'see... I can't help but wonder what happened the first time Cloud met one of the Cetra. Did they recognize who Cloud's father likely is? And if they did, how did they react? *tilts her head* What do you think? Implied past war crimes. [Request!fic for [livejournal.com profile] yuenoclow]



A movie about criminals who enter people's dreams to steal ideas... except that this time, their job is to create an idea instead.

**Postcards from Naxos (You Don't Have To Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here): 5,300 words, May 2011. In the months after the inception job, Ariadne slips from one life to another. Written for Remix Madness 2011, based on With Thanks to Apollo by [livejournal.com profile] sour_idealist.

If You Have Any Questions After the Lecture: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 525 words, June 2011. Ariadne and Arthur, a tag to the paradoxical architecture scene. [15-minute fic]

When You Have To Go There: (AO3 version) 600 words, Sept. 2011. When Cobb goes home, Arthur is happy for him, but that's the end of their partnership. A post-film character study of Arthur, plus random thoughts on the extraction business. [15-minute fic]

An Adjourning Heart: (AO3 version) 575 words, Nov. 2011. When she was still in her right mind, Mal once spent a week pondering funerals. In the end, only Arthur was left to carry out her wishes. [15-minute fic]

No Illusions: (AO3 version) 150 words, Dec. 2011. Prompt: Mal, 'Darkness has come upon me, painting, black, palpable; wipe it out, Dawn, like a debt'. Written for [livejournal.com profile] seasight in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2011.

("No Illusions" was remixed by [archiveofourown.org profile] lady_krysis in Remix Madness 2012 as Come Upon Me (Like a Debt Remix): Dom lives the same mistake over and over again.)

*Dreamers of the Day: (ff.net version; AO3 version) 11,000 words, Dec. 2011. How Gwen Levine got into dreamshare, kicked ass, took names, and found herself inextricably entangled with a forger going by the name of Eames, and how said forger found himself similarly caught. Girl!Arthur/Eames, as told in a series of twenty prompt fills for [livejournal.com profile] be_themoon (and one more just because). Contains some violence and some oblique mention of child abuse and murder.

Who Fell Among the Thieves: (AO3 version) 725 words, Feb. 2012. Arthur didn't help Dom run from California, but he couldn't let him drown on his own. [15-minute fic]

Blueprints: (AO3 version) 1,150 words, May 2012. This is how you build a castle. This is how you build a life. Ariadne gen, written for Femgenficathon 2011. (Yes, I know, it is eight months late. I fail at deadlines forever. *headdesk*)

On Totems: 100 words, April 2014. Why does a forger need a totem?

*Skies of Summer: (AO3 version) 1,875 words, April 2014. Ariadne knows she can build a dream; she folded Paris on top of itself, after all. But translating that first success into a reliable skill is a little trickier than she expected. Ariadne & Arthur friendship. Prompt: clouds. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo.

("Skies of Summer" was remixed by [archiveofourown.org profile] katilara in RemixRedux 12, as Skies of Summer (Dare to Hope Remix): Ariadne seems to have an innate talent for building in dreams, but Arthur knows there are other virtues she'll need to be truly successful.)

Perchance To Dream: (AO3 version) 350 words, Oct. 2014. Arthur lends Ariadne one of his favorite books. [prompt!fic for [livejournal.com profile] hungrytiger11]

like silence, but not empty: (AO3 version) 125 words, Dec. 2015. What's happy about rain? Arthur/Ariadne fluff. Written for an anon in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

written on the arched sky: (AO3 version) 275 words, Dec. 2016. Ariadne and Arthur flirt in an imaginary planetarium. Written for anonymous in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.

no morality by instinct: (AO3 version) 200 words, Jan. 2017. At the heart of every person's mind is a guardian, territorial and feral. Written for [profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.


Star Trek: AOS

I was briefly obsessed with Star Trek in junior high and high school, which mostly took the form of reading tie-in novels. I also saw the first eight movies, a few episodes of TOS, a few episodes of TNG, and snippets of DS9 and Voyager. So my canon knowledge is spotty and over a decade dusty.

Then I saw the 2009 reboot movie (aka Star Trek: AOS) and my old love was rekindled. It's the Vulcans. And the optimism. And the love shining through the secondary canon and fanon surrounding the whole creaking edifice. The science is laughable, the acting and writing can be wince-worthy, and the optimism can calcify into self-righteousness or delusional utopianism, but at its best Star Trek is a hymn to the power of hope, community, and tolerance, and a guidepost reminding us that the future is ours to make better than the past.

How can you not love that?


A History of Handcrafts:

A handful of fluffy friendship fics, loosely connected by the assumption that Jim Kirk likes to knit things for his crew. This began as an unexpected remix, which later added two equally unexpected sequels. One day I will figure out why I keep writing stories about knitting when I don't knit. Until that day, it will remain a mystery. A fluffy mystery, perhaps, but a mystery nonetheless. :-)

**A History of Handcrafts (Because a Sweater Equals Love): 3,200 words, April 2011. Love doesn't have to be difficult: all you need to do is reach out to your friends. A story in three parts and many knitting projects. Gen with background Amanda/Sarek, Kirk/Gaila, and Spock/Uhura. Written for Remix Redux 9, based on Spock's Sweater by [archiveofourown.org profile] melayneseahawk. (I also posted a discussion of how and why I read and remixed MelayneSeahawk's fic as gen, though I later learned she wrote it as shipfic, which I would like you to read after you read the stories.)

*A Guide to Guerrilla Knitting: (AO3 version) 950 words, Jan. 2013. Being Jim Kirk's friend doesn't magically make him less annoying. But Nyota can hold her own. Prompt: sprains/strains. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo. [comment!fic for [livejournal.com profile] cherokee1]

All on a Summer's Day: (AO3 version) 1,975 words, Aug. 2014. Nyota Uhura, Christine Chapel, Hikaru Sulu, and Gaila -- the not-quite-senior officers of the Enterprise, minus the two disqualified for being underage and/or crazy -- gather for their weekly game and gossip session. This week's mission is Hearts. Prompt: WILD CARD. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo. [gift!fic for [livejournal.com profile] vehrec]


Everything Else:

Penelope, Weaving: (AO3 version) 700 words, May 2009. Amanda and Sarek on Vulcan, shortly before their marriage. [15-minute fic]

("Penelope, Weaving" was remixed by [archiveofourown.org profile] Estirose in Remix Madness 2014 as Where The Wood Drake Flies (The Squirrel With The Table Remix): Amanda is still learning control, but at least she has Sarek.)

*And in the Bottom of the Box: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 625 words, June 2009. Spock compares his timeline to its original. Thoroughly gen, depresssingly philosophical. [15-minute fic]

Some Work of Noble Note: 850 words, Dec. 2009. A string of bad luck has haunted the Gypsy Moth for months; a standoff with a fleet of Orion pirates is just icing on the cake. Prompt: one small ship, a pirate squadron, and Enterprise still an hour out. Buying time for the colony behind them, not themselves. [Request!fic for [livejournal.com profile] valles_uf]

In Foreign Tongues (Been All Over You): 1,600 words, April 2011. Nyota offered herself as Gaila's sister when they first met -- she greeted Gaila with her name in all openness, the traditional overture to the creation of an in-net -- and Gaila has never regretted accepting that gift. Gaila/Uhura, dubious consent, mildly explicit sex. Written for Remix Redux 9, based on Talented Tongue by [archiveofourown.org profile] MelayneSeahawk.

*While We Live: (AO3 version) 1,950 words, May 2011. A horrifically compressed version of Gaila's early life on Orion Prime, her escape to the Federation, and the reason she joined Starfleet. This wants to be the first third of a novel and is more a world-building exercise than a story, but I really like the ideas. Contains non-sexual slavery.

Implications: (AO3 version) 575 words, March 2012. Jim Kirk loves his crew. [prompt!fic for [personal profile] jjhunter]

Body Language (The Scent of Home): (AO3 version) 180 words, Dec. 2013. Prompt: Uhura/Gaila, lost in translation. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

Stranger in a Strange Land: (AO3 version) 200 words, Dec. 2013. Prompt: Gaila/Jim, she's more adventurous than him which he loves. Written for [livejournal.com profile] scripps in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

**Reign in Hell: (AO3 version) 240 words, Dec. 2013. Prompt: Mirror!Gaila/Mirror!Uhura, plotting the revolution. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

*Not With a Bang: (AO3 version) 440 words, Dec. 2013. Prompt: George/Chris Pike/Winona, without George it just didn't work. Written for [livejournal.com profile] scripps in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

Sometimes You Fly: (AO3 version) 320 words, Dec. 2013. Prompt: Kirk/Gaila, no fear of falling. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

*Bring Me That Horizon: (AO3 version) 175 words, Dec. 2013. Prompt: Uhura/Gaila, 'here there be dragons'. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

Musings on Impractical Phylogeny: (AO3 version) 200 words, March 2014. Nyota and Gaila talk about species diversity. In bed. Uhura/Gaila. [15-minute fic]

*Shelter from the Storm: (AO3 version) 1,350 words, March 2014. Gaila doesn't believe in no-win scenarios. Gaila & Uhura. Prompt: hug. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo.

The Test of Good Manners: (AO3 version) 425 words, Oct. 2014. Sarek and Amanda endure a frustrating diplomatic conference. [prompt!fic for [livejournal.com profile] rosaxx50]

Suspect Methodology: (AO3 version) 150 words, Jan. 2015. Gaila, Nyota, and Spock apply the scientific method to sex. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the 2014/2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

Sisterhood: (AO3 version) 200 words, Feb. 2015. Gaila braids Nyota's hair. Written for [profile] samparker in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

*firsts: (AO3 version) 225 words, Dec. 2015. Nyota's first time in space. Gaila/Uhura. Written for [livejournal.com profile] samueljames in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

*but compliments leave us baffled: (AO3 version) 250 words, Jan. 2016. Gaila likes making Jim blush. Written for [livejournal.com profile] samueljames in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

Request and Require: (AO3 version) 575 words, Jan. 2016. The Enterprise is on its third day surveying yet another uninhabited star system beyond the Federation's borders when they receive a highest priority message from the Confederacy of Surak. [15-minute fic]

no diplomacy like candor: (AO3 version) 250 words, Nov. 2016. T'Pring has a proposition for Nyota. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.

systems analysis: (AO3 version) 225 words, Dec. 2016. Every person is like a new code problem, but with Nyota, Gaila doesn't need to resort to hacking. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.


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