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Master List of Elizabeth Culmer's Fanfiction: Miscellaneous Fandoms

Organization: This list is organized alphabetically by fandom. Within each fandom, it's arranged first by associated story cycles (if applicable) and then by date. Word counts and writing dates are approximations.

Content/Warning Policy: 1) I am not consistent about warnings! I use them when I remember, for a few relatively broad categories of potentially problematic content, but if something is off-page, non-explicit, or generally backgrounded, I probably won't think to note it in the metadata. 2) The things I try to warn for are explicit sex, rape, murder, torture, cannibalism, incest, depression/suicide, familial dysfunction, and occasionally also societal dysfunction (aka dystopia). Sometimes I just slap a general content warning on all my fic for a given fandom and don't label each individual fic. I also don't generally warn for violence, unless the violence in a fic is dramatically out-of-step with the violence in its source canon. 3) I don't use any content rating system unless I'm posting to a site or community that requires or encourages ratings, because I find movie-style ratings counter-intuitive when applied to written fiction, and not particularly useful for anything other than denoting the presence of explicit sex, which I already note in the metadata.

Quality Rating System: I've marked my favorite stories with asterisks, on a scale of 1 to 4. The more asterisks, the more I like the story. This doesn't necessarily mean that stories without asterisks are bad, just that I don't like them as much. Also, I am not claiming to be an arbiter of taste; you may love stories I dislike, and vice versa. I am just providing a heads-up about the ones that I think are best written and/or most interesting.

Notes: Outside of my main fandoms, my fanfiction writing tends toward resolving plotholes and other canon problems, the creation of backstory (which is itself a form of problem-solving, where the problem is a gap in canon information about a character or an event), or prompt responses (often for Yuletide). Therefore, almost all the stories on this page are an expression of dissatisfaction with canon, of curiosity about what lies behind the canon we see, or of an attempt to satisfy somebody else's heart's desire. Once I've resolved a problem, filled a gap to my own satisfaction, or answered a prompt, I generally have nothing further to write in that fandom, which is why these subsections have so few stories.

Anyway, there's a lot of random stuff on this page, and some of it I look back on and wonder what on earth I was thinking, but overall I do like most of these stories -- probably because when something bugs me so much that I write a story to fix or explain it, or when I am writing to make someone else happy, I care enough to give my best effort.

Where To Read: As always, if an AO3 version exists, it is definitive. FF.net versions are definitive in the absence of an AO3 version. Journal versions are the equivalent of beta drafts, though the shorter and/or fragmentary works may never be posted anywhere else.

Contents: American Gods, An Ash-Blonde Witch, Arthurian Mythology, Batman, the Bible, the Black Jewels series, the Bourne trilogy, Chalion, Charlotte's Web, Code Geass, Damar, Death Note, Discworld, Doctor Who, Dragonball Z, Girl Genius, The Girl with the Silver Eyes, Glee, Gormenghast, Hamilton, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Hexwood,The Homeward Bounders, Howl's Moving Castle, Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, Lucifer (comics), Mad Max, Merlin, Murderbot Diaries, the Oz books, Pern, Ranma 1/2, Rise of the Guardians, Sailor Moon, Saiyuki, Seaward, Shakespeare, Stargate: SG-1, Star Wars, Tam Lin (Pamela Dean), Vorkosigan Saga, White Collar, Wolf Hall, X-Men, and Yu-Gi-Oh!.


American Gods

A novel dealing with... oh, never mind the plot; the plot bores me. The point is the conceit behind the plot: all the gods humanity ever worshipped were real, and though many have died as they were abandoned and forgotten, many survived. And some of those came to America along with the people who believe or believed in them.

*The Geographic Cure: 2,100 words, Dec. 2009. Artemis and Apollo go to America. (Written for Minnow in Yuletide 2009.)


An Ash-Blonde Witch

This is an out-of-print YA book by Kenneth Lillington, wherein Sophie Oakroyd (from a vague and ridiculous advanced sci-fi society) visits Urstwile (a tiny and ridiculous olde European enclave) and gets tangled in various romantic comedies of errors, various accusations of witchcraft, and a very important election back at home. Also starring Dorcas, a genuine witch, and a fair bit of ridiculous poetry.

Happily Ever After Requires Negotiation: 2,125 words, Dec. 2014. Elections are coming around again, and the Neo-Radicals want Sophie and Dorcas to make a public gesture in support of their ideals. Sophie, meanwhile, is more interested in whether Dorcas likes her, and Dorcas will never pass up a chance to make a bargain. Sophie/Dorcas. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] theblueescapist in Yuletide 2014.


Arthurian Mythology

There's a legendary king of Britain, queens, knights, wizards, sorceresses, enchanted swords, a round table, a grail... You know this story. It ends in tragedy, every time.

Unweaving: (AO3 version) 225 words, Jan. 2015. Merlin was not content with asking. Implied Nimue/Merlin. Written for [personal profile] betony in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2014/2015.



A guy dresses up like a bat and punches criminals in the face, etc. The first fic is set in Christopher Nolan's film 'verse; the other two are set in DC canon, pre-New 52 reboot.

Sacrifices (Backwards and in High Heels): 1,850 words, April 2012. Barbara Kean has been making sacrifices for a very long time. Her marriage and her children are the latest tithe to the city that owns her heart. Barbara Kean-Gordon/Jim Gordon. Written for Remix Redux 10, based on Sacrifices by [archiveofourown.org profile] Aviss.

Don't Try This at Home: 150 words, Dec. 2013. Prompt: Barbara Gordon, book cart drill team. Written for [personal profile] jjhunter in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.

The Stories I Could Tell...: 100 words, Dec. 2013. A continuation of the above, upon discovering the true meaning of book cart drill team. *grin*


The Bible

I am still kind of WTF about writing Bible fanfic, though I suppose it is not much different from retelling fairy-tales, really.

thy daughter in law, which loveth thee: 1,100 words, Dec. 2009. Naomi loves Ruth, but not quite as Ruth would wish. (Written for [livejournal.com profile] summercloud in Yuletide 2009.)

*Thelema: 250 words, Dec. 2011. Prompt: girl!Serpent/Eve, it's Madam and Eve and they don't need Adam. Written for [livejournal.com profile] lizzie_marie_23 in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2011.

("Thelema" was remixed by [personal profile] estirose in Remix Madness 2015, as Slide Into A Choice (The Illusionary Perfection Remix), in which Eve has a choice, and she will make it.)

*No Story But Her Own: 275 words, June 2013. Lilith in the interstitial moments. (This can also work as Chronicles of Narnia fanfic, or as Lucifer fanfic, if you'd prefer, but Lilith is a public domain character and I'm not married to any specific interpretation.) [15-minute fic]


Black Jewels

A fantasy series by Anne Bishop. Trigger warnings for just about everything -- very bad things happen to most of the characters, often repeatedly. On the other hand, the books are compulsively readable and hit a lot of my guilty pleasure id-fic buttons.

Healing: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 1,400 words, Dec. 2011. Wilhelmina Benedict visits her sister after Queen of the Darkness. Written for [livejournal.com profile] enochiansigils in Yuletide 2011.

*Dreams From My Mother: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 8,700 words, Dec. 2012. Wilhelmina Benedict never knew her mother. That didn't stop Adria from shaping her daughter's life. Contains child abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, dysfunctional family, and attempted rape. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] Morbane in Yuletide 2012.

And This Is Her Valley: (AO3 version) 75 words, Dec. 2018. Wilhelmina adjust to Kaeleer. Written for [personal profile] lady_katana4544 in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2018-19.


Bourne trilogy

A movie series about an amnesiac assassin's struggle to remember himself and win free of the organization that made him.

Why We Fight: 100 words, Dec. 2011. Prompt: Jason/Marie, somewhere in the sun. Written for [livejournal.com profile] be_themoon in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2011.



A fantasy "series" by Lois McMaster Bujold, the component novels and novellas of which are set in various time periods and geographic locations in a world with five provably real gods.

*Patience, Tenacity, Luck: 5,075 words, Dec. 2017. Some months after Penric's Fox, Thala investigates the disappearance of a trainee shaman. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] DesertVixen for Yuletide 2017.


Charlotte's Web

A children's book about the friendship between a pig and a spider. It's a classic for a reason. :)

Needs Must: (AO3 version) 100 words, Feb. 2015. Not all fonts translate well from ink to spider webs. Written for [personal profile] jjhunter in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

utility plus beauty: (AO3 version) 100 words, Jan. 2018. "Why do spiders spin webs?" Wilbur asked. Written for anonymous in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2017.


Code Geass

A two-season anime in which Lelouch, a banished prince of Britannia, receives the power to control people's wills from a mysterious woman, and incites the people of Japan into a rebellion against his father. Meanwhile, one of his classmates is secretly a terrorist, his long-lost Japanese friend has joined the Britannian military, and Lelouch is constantly worrying about his beloved and disabled younger sister. Plus giant mecha. And nuclear bombs. And the rest of Lelouch's massively screwed up family. And something about the collective subconscious of the human race, and... basically, it's an explosion at the genre factory plus more mindgames and cunning plans than you can shake a stick at. It is absurdly, gloriously, unbelievably over the top.

So of course what I did was dream up (literally!) an AU in which people can turn into dragons. Because the series wasn't ridiculous enough already. *headdesk* The AU is called "Made Manifest," but I have thus far avoided writing more than two backstory snippets.

Mother Wolf: 875 words, May 2010. Marianne vi Britannia gave birth to her first child in a tiny, bunker-like room in the basement of the hospital wing of the imperial palace. Charles did not attend. [comment!fic for [livejournal.com profile] askerian]

Etiquette: 1,450 words, May 2010. Cornelia speaks with Marianne about the rules of manifestation.



A handful of loosely connected YA-ish fantasies about a magical country that starts out loosely based on old-school mystery-of-Arabia adventures but develops in somewhat unpredictable directions from there. Written by Robin McKinley.

There's a lake I know: (AO3 version) 200 words, Dec. 2018. Court gossip is a trial. Aerin/Tor/Luthe. Written for [personal profile] sawthefaeriequeen in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2018-19.


Death Note

A manga about a genius teenager, Yagami Light, who finds a Shinigami's notebook. If you picture a person's face and write their name in the book, that person will die. Light decides to rid the world of criminals in a very public fashion. Soon the mysterious 'Kira' (aka the source of the death wave) is the biggest news story in the world and the Japanese police hire L, the world's greatest detective, to identify and capture Kira. A tense cat-and-mouse game ensues.

I am not good at mind games. So I wrote a character study of the Yagami family instead, because obviously that's the most interesting part of the story. *wry*

**Hindsight: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 2,300 words, Jan. 2006. No man creates himself in isolation, and no mother intends her child to be a monster. A story of the Yagami family.



A series of interconnected novels by Sir Terry Pratchett that began as a parody of high fantasy, evolved into satire of modern Western life in general, and says many deep and wise things about human nature. Also, it's set in a world that is literally a flat disc balanced on four elephants that stand on a turtle that swims through the stars, so, you know, still pretty absurd. :D

Maybe not with actual flowers: (AO3 version) 100 words, March 2015. Polly and Mal attend a diplomatic conference. Written for [personal profile] elviella in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.


Doctor Who

A long-running British television show about an alien (the Doctor) who travels through time and space with various human companions.

a minor glitch in the itinerary: (AO3 version) 150 words. "Someday," Martha said, "just once, you are going to land us on a planet at the correct relative time of day." Martha & Ten. Written for [livejournal.com profile] idhren24 in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.


Dragonball Z

One of THE classic endless martial arts manga/anime series, which takes a sharp detour into space opera about halfway through.

Minimum Wage Woes: (AO3 version) 150 words, Dec. 2018. Vegeta versus a telemarketing call center. Written for anonymous in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2018-19.


Girl Genius

A gaslamp fantasy webcomic (and novelizations thereof) in which mad scientists rule the world. Badly. It's awesome. :D

Makes You Stronger: (AO3 version) 800 words, Sept. 2018. A nebulous future-fic about psychic freeloaders and ways to remove them. Prompt: suicide. Written for [community profile] genprompt_bingo. [prompt!fic for [personal profile] sheliak]

Mine and Yours: (AO3 version) 200 words, Dec. 2018. Castle Heterodyne has opinions about heirs. Written for [personal profile] kalira in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2018-19.


The Girl with the Silver Eyes

A children's book from 1980 about Katie Welker, a girl not quite ten years old, who can move things with her mind and telepathically talk to animals. Her search for other children like her becomes urgent when a new tenant in her apartment building starts asking questions that make Katie think he knows her secret.

A Woman with Silver Eyes: Kate Welker, the Rolling Stone Interview: 3,750 words, Dec. 2011. Twenty-five years after the Institute of Psychic Phenomena went public, Rolling Stone interviews Kate Welker, one of the Curtis Pharmaceuticals quartet and a long-time activist for both animal rights and the acceptance of the psychically gifted. Written for [personal profile] macadamanaity in Yuletide 2011.



A television show I don't watch, involving the misadventures of a show chorus in a Midwestern high school.

Angst and Sparkle: 150 words, Sept. 2012. Prompt: I disagree. We need more smut. There's not enough smut. *angelic smile* I also think there's not enough vampires out there. I need more vampires and werewolves, especially ones that angst and sparkle. Kurt/Blaine, very silly. [comment!fic for [livejournal.com profile] aishuu]



Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy is meant to be the story of Titus Groan, the heir to the dukedom of a peculiar, isolated, and hidebound castle society. The problem is that Titus is an infant for the entirety of the first book (Titus Groan) and a fairly gormless boy/young man in the second (Gormenghast). The story is stolen by the other characters, most notably by Steerpike, the villain, who is vividly, monstrously, memorably alive; he's my favorite character, to the point where I almost didn't want to read the third book (Titus Alone) because he wouldn't be in it!

However, Steerpike is in many ways a cipher. He appears in the castle kitchens at the age of 17, fully developed, with no hint of a family or childhood. "Heritage" is an attempt to give him one. (As such, it's mostly a story about original characters; several canon characters make cameos, but they never rise above secondary status at best.)

*Heritage: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 7,000 words, Dec. 2004. Nothing comes from nothing. A story of the once-proud Steerpike family, and their downfall, until the only things left are memory and vengeance. Death, familial and societal dysfunction, implied suicide.

(I'm not thrilled with the technical execution of "Heritage" -- it feels both too dry and too melodramatic, and the phrasing is weirdly stilted. In retrospect, it was a mistake to try imitating Peake's style. But I still love the idea and the characters.)



A musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it's actually crazy awesome. :D

thank you for all your service: (AO3 version) 175 words, Jan. 2016. Wherein Lt. Elijah Schuyler meets Miss Alexandra Hamilton. Eliza/Alexander, genderswap. Written for [livejournal.com profile] betonyb in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

would smell as sweet: (AO3 version) 125 words, Dec. 2016. Alexander and Angelica on the set of the Bachelorette. Written for [livejournal.com profile] mermaids_feet in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.

under a bushel: (AO3 version) 125 words, Dec. 2016. Eliza's life, in sunlight and shadow. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.


Haroun and the Sea of Stories

In which Salman Rushdie decides to write a fable/fairy-tale for his son, and produces a wonderful all-ages book about the importance and power of storytelling. It's glorious fun to read and will stick with you a long time afterwards.

*Turn the Page (Don't Fear the Ending): 1,500 words, Sept. 2017. Sometimes, when a storyteller tries to wring every last drop of Stories out of themself before ever coming to an ending, the storyteller is not the only one squeezed dry. Written for [personal profile] gramarye in RemixRevival 2017. Remix of The Monster at the End of This Book.



This is a YA fantasy book by Diana Wynne Jones, the plot of which I will not attempt to describe because A) it's too complicated to explain and B) figuring out the trick is half the fun. Suffice it to say that it's a blend of science-fiction and fantasy, and it really does all make sense in the end. I wrote two stories in response to Yuletide requests. One is designed to build toward a crowning moment of heartwarming, while the other delves into the backstory between two characters and is therefore a straight-up horror story. (Diana Wynne Jones has a knack for writing lovely fun adventure stories that have a nasty bite when you look more closely at the details.)

**Childish Things: 7,200 words, Dec. 2010. (AO3 version; ff.net version) Three games Vierran played with Mordion over the years. Contains mention of slavery and child abuse. (Written for [livejournal.com profile] elspeth_vimes in Yuletide 2010.)

Served Cold: 1,600 words, Dec. 2010. (AO3 version; ff.net version) Orm Pender bred Martellian's descendants into Servants for a thousand years. He was quite practiced by the end. Contains sociopathy, slavery, child abuse, sexual abuse, implied rape, implied torture, murder, etc. (Written for [livejournal.com profile] googlebrat in Yuletide 2010.)


The Homeward Bounders

This is a YA fantasy book by Diana Wynne Jones, the conceit of which is that a group of demon-like beings called Them run the multiverse as a bunch of real-life war games. People who discover the truth are exiled to walk the Boundaries, traveling from world to world until they get Home.

Jamie Hamilton, a boy from a version of England circa 1880, is our narrator. In his wanderings he meets other Homeward Bounders, most notably Helen Haras-Uquara, whose world is like a real-life version of Dungeons and Dragons (she's a cleric equivalent), and Joris, an apprentice demon hunter who is also a slave. They realize they can direct their travels instead of waiting for Them to fling them about, and begin to fight back.

**To Be of Use: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 4,200 words, Dec. 2008. When Joris was seven his family sold him to the Sarkoy Agency, which was a reputable trading house affiliated with the Cardsburg municipal slave mart. He expected to become entertainment for the wealthy. He did not expect Konstam Khan. Slavery, dysfunctional society, endangered children. (Written for [livejournal.com profile] xsmoonshine in Yuletide 2008.)

*Cut Clean: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 2,400 words, Jan. 2009. There weren't many labor slaves in Cardsburg, but Joris knew how the world worked. He just didn't think that knowledge would become personal. Slavery, dysfunctional society, familial strain. (I had to lop off the opening section of "To Be of Use," because I ran out of time to write anything after Joris and Konstam's initial meeting, so the bit about his family selling him would have left the story hideously unbalanced. I think it works fairly well on its own, though.)

*Loopholes: (AO3 version) 2,650 words, Dec. 2011. There's no rule saying you can't have more than one anchor. Written for [livejournal.com profile] anait in Yuletide 2011.

Be Prepared: (AO3 version) 175 words, Feb. 2015. A demon hunt goes wrong. Joris & Konstam. Written for [personal profile] minutia_r in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.


Howl's Moving Castle

Yet more YA fantasy by Diana Wynne Jones! This time it's a book (plus two semi-related sequels) about the adventures of the ever-practical Sophie Hatter and the overly melodramatic wizard Howl.

The Grandmother's Tale: (AO3 version) 150 words, Feb. 2015. "Will you take the path of pins or the path of needles?" the wolf asks the girl in the old story, but Sophie missed her moment to step into that dance. Written for [personal profile] betony in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.



A movie about Sara, a young teenager, whose irritated wish for the goblins to kidnap her infant half-brother unexpectedly comes true; to win him back, she must navigate the magical Labyrinth and defeat Jareth, the mercurial Goblin King, within thirteen hours. Known for David Bowie's flamboyant portrayal of Jareth, which I am amazed he got away with in what is nominally a children's film.

Running from Her Shadow: (ff.net version) 350 words, April 2004. Jareth has no power over her, but Sarah didn't leave the Labyrinth unscathed. (This is, in retrospect, too clunky, too compressed, and far too didactic. But it was something I needed to say at the time.) Literary analysis, discussion of sex. [15-minute fic]

*Minor Considerations: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 350 words, Oct. 2004. Jareth gets a reality check. Fairly silly. [15-minute fic]

*Balance: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 3,700 words, March 2006. Sara didn't accept Jareth's bargain, but she didn't leave the Labyrinth unmarked. A story of consequences, and two lonely, stubborn people learning to live with each other. Discussion of sex. [Contains two 15-minute fics]

("Balance" was remixed by [archiveofourown.org profile] qwerty in RemixRedux 11 as Overground (The Rat Without A Maze Remix): Sarah might have left the Goblin King, but she never meant to leave the Labyrinth.)

The Inauspiciousness of the Owl: (AO3 version) 125 words, Aug. 2015. Jareth dislikes the implications of his other shape. [prompt!fic for [tumblr.com profile] madamehardy]

good night till it be morrow: (AO3 version) 150 words, Nov. 2015. A morning after. Jareth/Sarah. Written for [livejournal.com profile] killing_kurare in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

everything that you wanted: (AO3 version) 75 words, Dec. 2015. Dreams are better won than given. Implied Jareth/Sarah. Written for [livejournal.com profile] crucified in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.


Lord of the Rings

Several books by J. R. R. Tolkien that became the main source of the modern secondary-world high fantasy genre. Elves, dwarves, long-lost royalty, ordinary rural folk swept up into grand events, etc.

**As the Storm and the Lightning: (AO3 version) 125 words, Feb. 2015. Galadriel takes up the Ring. Dark. Written for [personal profile] avanti_90 in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

Negative Example: (AO3 version) 150 words, Feb. 2015. All worlds find a Ring, soon or late, and no Ring serves aught but destruction. Dark. Written for [personal profile] rthstewart in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon. [Implied crossover with an AU version of Charn, from the Chronicles of Narnia]

My Sorrow's Share: (AO3 version) 125 words, Sept. 2015. Arwen's view of her uncle's choice changed over time. [prompt!fic for [personal profile] marycontrary]



Emphatically NOT the TV series, though it is the original canon from which the show is extremely loosely adapted. This is an epic comics series written by Mike Carey and drawn by Peter Gross, Dean Ormston, Ryan Kelly, et al, which reveals what Lucifer Morningstar does after he retires from ruling hell in The Sandman. It's awesome. Seriously. Read it.

In Strict Obedience to Her Commands: (AO3 version) 275 words, Dec. 2011. Prompt: Beatrice/Mazikeen, after the fact. Written for [livejournal.com profile] mrinalinee in the 2011 Three Sentence Ficathon.

*Self Made: (AO3 version) 250 words, Dec. 2011. How Mazikeen chose her face. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] cosmogyral in Yuletide Madness 2011.

*Faint Heart Never Won: 475 words, Dec. 2013. Lucifer does not need her to defend him, but that is irrelevant. Mazikeen/Lucifer. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] rosaxx50 in Yuletide Madness 2013.

*Like a Sinking Star: (AO3 version) 200 words, Aug. 2015. Mazikeen and Lucifer in the garden. [prompt!fic for [livejournal.com profile] rosaxx50]

*unwound, unknit, unraveled: (AO3 version) 150 words, Dec. 2017. "Oh yes, he had a thread; everyone does." Written for anonymous in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2017.


Mad Max

A series of movies about former police officer Max Rockatansky and his misadventures in post-apocalyptic Australia. They're apparently working more on mythic time than a straight-up linear narrative, but for my purposes we're only interested in the fourth movie, Fury Road, which is essentially a two-hour car chase in which Imperator Furiosa helps the imprisoned 'wives' of Immortan Joe escape to freedom.

reciprocity: (AO3 version) -- Mad Max: Fury Road, 100 words, Dec. 2015. A small kindness on the road. Max & Furiosa. Written for [livejournal.com profile] celeste9 in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

I lift my lamp: (AO3 version) 175 words, Dec. 2015. Electricity is rare these days, but there are still satellites overhead and some signal in the static. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

shall be reborn: (AO3 version) 125 words, Dec. 2015. Furiosa leads a caravan back to the wreckage two days later -- sooner than she should, but symbols are important. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

truth, like the sun: (AO3 version) 175 words, Jan. 2017. They say if you drive west fast enough, a single day lasts forever. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.



A BBC all-ages television show that retells and adapts the Arthurian legend cycle. (Emphasis on the latter verb, starting from the way Merlin is now a year or two younger than Arthur.) It's engaging, well acted, and generally better than one might think.

Loyalty: 100 words, Dec. 2011. Prompt: girl!Merlin/Arthur, forever and further. Written for [livejournal.com profile] caramelsilver in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2011.

Down in the Deep (The Index of Refraction): 450 words, April 2012. Now her breath is water. And they are still not the same. Freya/Merlin. Written for Remix Madness 2012, based on Down in the Deep by [personal profile] significantowl.


Murderbot Diaries

A series of sf novellas about a cyborg security unit who's hacked its governor module and now has to figure out how to cope with free will. Its initial response is to watch a lot of future soap operas, but life has a way of interrupting its fannish endeavors with crises and emotional development. :)

*ARTs and Crafts: (AO3 version) 425 words, Dec. 2018. The difficulty with having a known location you return to on a semi-regular basis is that it gives people a way to find you. Written for [personal profile] jjhunter in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2018-19.



The books, not the movies! L. Frank Baum wrote thirteen novels about Oz, plus some ancillary stories about other magical adventures, and his work was continued by Ruth Plumly Thompson after his death, plus a handful of further books by lesser writers. They were a mainstay of my childhood.

Usurpation: (AO3 version) 150 words, March 2015. Glinda prefers not to be ruled. Dark, I guess? Written for [personal profile] transposable_element in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

*The Stolen Colors of Oz: 5,275 words, Dec. 2018. The chief difficulty with having lost his Magic Umbrella, Button-Bright reflected a few days after his arrival in the Emerald City with Trot and Cap'n Bill, was that it was harder to get to far-away places without it. On the other hand, having to travel through all the in-between places on his way from here to there did mean he got to see a lot of interesting things he might otherwise have missed. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] moon_custafer in Yuletide 2018.



Anne McCaffrey's classic series of science-fantasy novels about people on a lost colony planet who use(d) genetic engineering to create teleporting dragons to help them combat a spaceborn devouring plague known as Thread.

Notes in the Song of Creation: (AO3 version) 100 words, Dec. 2018. Menolly and her fire-lizards in joyful chorus. Written for [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2018-19.


Ranma 1/2

I read extensively in the Ranma 1/2 fandom for a while (it's a slapstick martial arts romantic comedy about a boy cursed to become a girl when he's splashed with cold water; hot water changes him back) but I never felt a need to write for it beyond three Nabiki-centric vignettes. The first two I like. The third feels OOC.

*Adrenaline Rush: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 375 words, Jan. 2004. Nabiki is riding the chaos, skating the leading edge of the storm. [15-minute fic]

*Straight Answers: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 625 words, May 2004. Just how does all that chaos around Ranma stay balanced? [15-minute fic]

Manifesto: (AO3 version) 450 words, Aug. 2004. Ranma swears the kami are out to get him. Nabiki thinks they have a different target. [15-minute fic]


Rise of the Guardians

A cute children's movie in which all the beloved Western childhood myth figures (specifically Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and Jack Frost) are real, and team up to fight the evil Boogeyman.

once is happenstance: 200 words, April 2013. Prompt: Jack + Bunnymund, Blizzard of '68. Written for [livejournal.com profile] saoirse7 in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013.


Sailor Moon

A manga and anime about girls (and young women) in Tokyo who discover they are the reincarnated warriors of an ancient magical kingdom that stretched across the solar system, and must fight various evil and/or misguided powers that keep invading Earth. I don't write here as a regular thing, but I can manage three sentences now and then. :)

Whither Thou Goest: (AO3 version) 125 words, Jan. 2015. In which Michiru is a mermaid and Haruka becomes a sailor. Haruka/Michiru. Written for [livejournal.com profile] runespoor7 in the 2014/2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

*Domesticity: (AO3 version) 100 words, Feb. 2015. "When did you turn me into a responsible adult and how did I not notice this happening?" Haruka/Michiru. Written for [personal profile] alexseanchai in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

Rosebuds While Ye May: (AO3 version) 100 words, Feb. 2015. Chibiusa in the past. Written for [personal profile] alexseanchai in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

at the stroke of midnight: (AO3 version) 150 words, Dec. 2015. Playing Cinderella at the ball, and after. Haruka/Michiru. Written for [livejournal.com profile] killing_kurare in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

more precious than rubies: (AO3 version) 125 words, Dec. 2015. Rei used to love rubies. Written for anonymous in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

habitat: (AO3 version) 200 words, Jan. 2016. Makoto has complicated feelings toward aquariums. Written for anonymous in the late 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.

Camouflage the Question: (AO3 version) 1,500 words, April 2017. Ami has an idea for gathering information about the Death Busters. Usagi modifies it into something almost -- but not entirely -- completely different. Prompt: it was a decoy / feint / distraction. Written for [community profile] genprompt_bingo. [prompt!fic for [personal profile] gramarye1971]



A manga and anime that are sort of a jazz riff on the classic Journey to the West, wherein a monk and three youkai travel to India (in a jeep that is also a shapeshifting dragon) to stop a machine that has sent most other youkai murderously insane, and to retrieve the stolen holy scriptures that power it. I wrote three stories about Kanan and Gonou, because Hakkai's backstory fascinates me and I needed to make sense of Kanan's suicide, and one story about Dokugakuji, because he breaks my heart.

***Samsara: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 3,000 words, May 2007. Kanan and Gonou: two become nothing. A non-chronological portrait of obsession and death. Incest, rape, torture, madness, murder, suicide. (This is Gonou and Kanan. Did you think it was going to be pretty?)

Sixpence: (AO3 version) 600 words, May 2007. Gonou has always belonged to Kanan and she's always belonged to him. Six drabbles. Incest, madness.

Fate: (AO3 version) 325 words, May 2007. In the monster's castle, the princess counts her heartbeats, stringing them together into hours and days. Kanan/Gonou. Incest, suicidal ideation.

***Every New Beginning: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 3,500 words, Dec. 2007. Dokugakuji and Goku, after a possible end to the journey. A reflection on family, friends, choices, karma, and reasons to keep living. Offscreen death of major canon characters, post-traumatic depression, mention of past incest and other extreme familial dysfunction.



A YA book by Susan Cooper, in which two teens from different countries enter a magical land and must work together to reach their homes by way of a journey to the sea. It is a wonderful story, albeit annoyingly vague about when and where Cally and West are from.

*And Both Shall Row: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 900 words, Dec. 2009. Cally and West meet again after several years. (Written for [livejournal.com profile] lesserstorm in Yuletide 2009.)

Wings To Fly: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 800 words, Dec. 2009-Oct. 2010. Cally had the sea; West had a fight. When they returned from their journey, they switched. (This was originally a preamble to "And Both Shall Row," but it unbalanced that story so I chopped it out and later tidied it into a standalone.)

*Dum vivimus, vivamus: (AO3 version; ff.net version) 800 words, Dec. 2011. Caught between grief for her parents and longing for Westerly, Cally dreams of Snake. Mild Cally/Snake. Written for [livejournal.com profile] pikku_gen in Yuletide Madness 2011.



Around 1600 CE, a guy in England wrote some plays and poems. *wry*

Loving-kindness: (AO3 version) 125 words, Feb. 2015. Regan and Goneril loved their sister, once. Written for [personal profile] betony in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon. [King Lear]

Such a heart in my bosom: (AO3 version) 125 words, March 2015. Lady Macbeth has no children. Written for [personal profile] heliopausa in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon. [Macbeth]

Is that what you really want?: (AO3 version) 100 words, March 2015. Gertrude finds her land a king. Written for [personal profile] betony in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon. [Hamlet]<

*When in Rome: (AO3 version) 300 words, Dec. 2017. Iago meets the Scottish queen in Rome. Written for [livejournal.com profile] lizzie_marie_23 in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2017.


Stargate: SG-1

A long-running television series about a team who use a stable wormhole device to travel between worlds; their mission is a mixture of exploration and military defense against various hostile alien powers. I've never actually watched the show, but it's hard to avoid picking up some details through general internet fandom osmosis.

Engendered by Disquiet: (AO3 version) 350 words, Aug. 2015. Some days, Earth still seems like a children's tale to Vala. [prompt!fic for [tumblr.com profile] kk-maker]


Star Wars

An intergenerational saga about space wizards and politics. No, seriously. :D

the ruling passion conquers reason still: (AO3 version) 175 words, Nov. 2016. Leia and Han never stop loving each other; that's not the problem. Written for [livejournal.com profile] hanorganaas in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016.

Foundlings: (AO3 version) 1,175 words, April 2017. While they wait for Poe to return from a routine reconnaissance mission, Rey tells Finn a story about her childhood on Jakku. Contains discussion of animal death. Prompt: cute. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo. [prompt!fic for [personal profile] musesfool]

*Work-to-Rule: (AO3 version) 100 words, Dec. 2018. The best way to deal with organics who think droids are non-sentient machines is to act like non-sentient machines. Written for [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2018-19.

*Protocol: (AO3 version) 175 words, Dec. 2018. Why exactly was Threepio programmed not to impersonate a deity? Written for [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2018-19.


Tam Lin (Pamela Dean)

Not the Scottish ballad, but a fantasy novel loosely based on it. We follow Janet Carter, English major, through her undergraduate years at the fictional Blackstock College in early 1970s Minnesota -- approximately equal attention is paid to her love life, her friendships (particularly with her roommates, Molly and Tina), her classes (this book is a love song to the Western literary tradition), and the gradually less subtle intrusions of magic and the supernatural into her life.

**The Morn Is Hallowday: 2,450 words, Dec. 2016. Halfway through the walk from Forbes to Ericson, Molly realized that if Tina hadn't returned already from her folk dancing, she certainly would very soon, and in either case Janet's absence would require some explanation. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] nnozomi in Yuletide 2016.


Vorkosigan Saga

Lois McMaster Bujold's series of sf novels about the Vorkosigan family of Barrayar, and their epic military and cultural (mis)adventures.

Opening Bid: (AO3 version) 1,050 words, Dec. 2018. Laisa invites Ekaterin to tea. Prompt: habits and routines. [community profile] ladiesbingo fill. [prompt!fic for [personal profile] joyeuce01]


White Collar

A television show about a forger and con man who gets a probationary release from prison on condition that he work with the FBI agent who captured him to solve other white collar crimes.

Twice Shy: (AO3 version) 125 words, Feb. 2015. Neal's past makes submission difficult. El/Neal/Peter. Written for [personal profile] samueljames in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.


Wolf Hall

A historical fiction trilogy by Hilary Mantel, centered around Thomas Cromwell, right-hand man of King Henry VIII during the 1530s. The first book, Wolf Hall, ends with the execution of Thomas More; the second, Bring Up the Bodies, ends with the execution of Anne Boleyn; the third will presumably end with Cromwell's own execution.

***A Changing of the Tide: 4,800 words, Dec. 2013. "It may also please you to advertise my lord his grace that since his repair to Richmond I have been at Lesnes, where I saw one of the most piteous and grievous sights that ever I saw, which to me before the sight of the same was incredible, concerning the breach out of the Thames into the marshes at Lesnes, which are all overflowed and drowned." --Thomas Cromwell to Stephen Gardiner, January 18, 1529. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] Aramley in Yuletide 2013.



I used to dream up epic sagas about the Carlsons: five siblings who went on the run when they were teenagers because the youngest brother had the mutant ability to access a cosmic power source coveted by the Queen of Faerie. They spent the next decade jumping from dimension to dimension, always one step ahead of the faerie legions, until they opened a portal into one of the X-Men's battles. Much confusion ensued, the Carlsons and the X-Men formed an alliance against the Fae, at one point they went undercover in a traveling circus, the oldest sister and Gambit fell in love, and... yeah. It was very silly and self-indulgent.

But while the oldest sister (Shawn, who made interdimensional portals via some handwavy shadow power that she could also use to make weapons or turn herself invisible) and the youngest brother (Stephen, who could use the Lion Force -- look, I was twelve; cut me a break!) were hopelessly implausible, I managed to detangle the middle three siblings -- Raven, Vivian, and Kevin, whose respective mutations were fur and four arms, wings, and a telepathic version of the Imperius Curse -- and relocate them in a more realistic character study.

Raven Carlson drabbles 1: 700 words, Feb. 2004. Introducing Raven, Vivian, and Kevin, and giving a bit of Raven's perspective on the X-Men's world.

Raven Carlson drabbles 2: 600 words, Aug. 2005. Prejudice, pain, and the day-to-day problems of being a mutant who can't pass for baseline human.


Also, a few actual canon ficlets. Some are movie!verse, some are 616 comic!verse (or AUs thereof).

Open All the Doors: (AO3 version) 250 words, Dec. 2011. Prompt: Charles/Raven/Erik, everything good comes in three. Written for [livejournal.com profile] grim_lupine in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2011. [movies]

But Oh, To Be Without It: (AO3 version) 200 words, Dec. 2013. Prompt: Rogue, AU - she's not just a leech, she's an actual energy vampire. Written for [livejournal.com profile] silvr_dagger in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013. [comics]

at the broken places: (AO3 version) 150 words, Dec. 2016. Emma's jagged edges don't quite match up to Scott's own wounds. Written for [livejournal.com profile] celeste9 in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016. [comics]

*the golden age of the barefoot time: (AO3 version) 275 words, Dec. 2016. Scott and Jean have a standing monthly weekend date. Written for [livejournal.com profile] iawenbemerry in the Three Sentence Ficathon 2016. [movies]



A manga/anime about a kid who solves an ancient puzzle and winds up on a timeshare with an amnesiac spirit; they are both masters of games. The series flirts with horror at first, then settles into more standard shonen fight genre, except all the fighting is done by means of, well, games. Especially card games, but board games and RPGs and occasional one-off impromptu contests also make appearances. The power of friendship is also a major theme.

*Game Theory: (AO3 version) 375 words, Jan. 2010. The nameless pharaoh sealed the Shadow Games, but memory is harder to kill than people often think.

That You Won't Let Show: (AO3 version) 175 words, Feb. 2015. Anzu starts a ballroom dance club at school. Written for [personal profile] alexseanchai in the early 2015 Three Sentence Ficathon.


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